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Established in 1953, Virginia Avenue Elementary is the oldest elementary school in the Fairfax School District. Home of the Vikings we are a school rooted in the community that is more than a school and more of a family. Working together in close communication we strive for academic achievement and student well-being by working side by side with parents and community. There is no place like Virginia Avenue and we welcome families to join us in the long-lasting culture and traditions that have been a pillar of the community. Once a Viking, always a Viking.

School News

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Week of October 23-27
All Grades will be out at 12 Noon
Teachers will be arranging dates and times to meet with you.
Red Ribbon Dress Up Days

Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Day

October 23-27, 2023

Mondayzzzz 23rd - Pajama Day
"Put drugs to sleep in your PJs"

Team-Up Tuesday 24th - Jersey Day
"Team Up against drugs and wear your favorite Jersey"

Wacky Wednesday 25th - Crazy Hair, Clothes, and Socks Day
"Drug-free from HEAD to TOE! Wear your wacky hair, or funny-mixed-match clothes and socks"

Thursday Cowboy 26th - Cowboy Day
"Give drugs the boot. Saddle up for a drug-free ride, partner!"

Spirit Friday 27th - Red Day
"Red-dy to be drug-free!"

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Mr. Martínez with Mrs. Cueto\'s TK Class

Principal's Message

Welcome to Virginia Avenue Elementary!
Established in 1953 we are the oldest elementary school in Fairfax School District. At Virginia Avenue, we strive to be a community that is a family. Through communicating and supporting one another our family is a long-lasting one with deep-seated roots. Our focus is Academic Achievement through attendance, positive behaviors (PBIS), and family involvement. 
We are currently looking forward to the modernization of Virginia Avenue starting Winter Break 2023 and being finished by Winter Break 2024. It is an exciting time of change at Virginia Avenue.
-Mr. Martínez